Monday, April 09, 2007

In El Paso

I left outa that rest area and toodled along.

Saw some really pretty scenery. Betcha you don't see stuff like THIS outa your office window.
That's one of the things I like about trucking....and trucking west in particular. The view.
Out here you can see forever. Miles and mile of nothing but miles and miles. No pesky trees to mar the buildings or anything.

I like open spaces. I guess I'm a Plains Boy at heart....oughta be....I was born in Plainview.

I rolled on into El Paso uneventfully. At the last minit I decided to get fueled, fed and cleaned up on THIS side of town instead of the other side. El Paso metro is about thirty miles across.

So I pulled into the Loves and fueled up. Loves doesn't have a resturant....just junk I pulled across the street to the Flying J (used to be an old 76....a REAL truckstop...not one of today's "travel plaza's")........there I ate and cleaned up.

Then across town.

Part way there I noticed the trailer was acting a little odd.

So I'm thinking brakes and tire pressure. So I pull into the Petro2 expecting them to be able to do a tire pressure check and to check and adjust the brakes. New (to me....actually reallly old) I needed it in good shape.

Bunch of clowns. They hadn't the faintest idea what to do.

I gave up in disgust. Paid em twenty bux for what little they did....not much....and left.

While I was in their garage I noticed that the airbags were flat on the trailer. Oh so reminencent of that rainy day....yesterday I think? Houston. So I crawled under the trailer and looked.

Yup.....adjustment arm for the leveling valve is gone.


I called "Fleet Service" and they sent out a service guy.

You would think I'd have learnt? Nope. Hope springs infernal. Like Diogenes looking for an honest man ( greek dude...had a lamp) I'm looking for a competent repair man. I've known a few....theyre a rare breed.

Didn't find one today either. He said what he did was a "temporary fix"....and to get it to a trailer shop as soon as possible.

Well gee...

So tomorrow I inform management....and listen to 'em ....remonstrate........and then probably spend all day in the shop.


Bah Fooey.

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