Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Hundred miles down the road sweet bride called me this morning like she most always does. Wake up call.

I saddled up and took out. I'm a hundred miles down the road. Stopped at a rest area to kick the tires. Everything seems to be holding together OK. Only about six hundred more miles to go.

I figger I'm doing pretty good. Getting about 50 MPC (miles per cigar).

Haven't heard from Jodie yet. I suppose it's not important where we are on the weekend.


Barb got married the other day. She married a combat plumber. ... a guy who is "contract" to Haliburton in the sandbox. He's helping to rebuild the infrastructure for the camel jockies. Such a deal...we destroy all their old junk for 'em and then go in an build new stuff. Kinda urban renewal army style....

Anyway he gets to come back to the world about every three months. They got married the other day and are presumeably doing honeymoonie stuff right now. He's got to go back in a week to finish up. Three more months to go and it's a done deal.

Congratulations to Tornado Gal and her new hubbie.


My brother had surgery the other day for his colon cancer. The docs seem to think they got it all. He's going to have chemo anyway.....just in case. Keep him in your prayers if you will.


Done here....aidios.

EvMick (heading west on I-10 in Tejas)
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