Sunday, April 08, 2007

another hundred miles

........kick the tires again..

I'm in the texas hill country.....
now ain't THAT somethin? Ice.

Ice on Easter. Who'd a thunk it?

Sure would have been fun coming thru here at night.....huh?

Glad I shut down last nite. I purely hate to drive at nite.....most especially on ice.

I wonder if that had anything to do with the sparce traffic in San Antonio? I slid right thru there like grass thru a goose.....might have been nasty last nite.....everyone in church this morning giving thanks for survival?

I always cringe when I go thru San Antonio anyway. Many , many years ago I was on my maiden voyauge so to speak. I was still in training with Company "Y".

Yeah...they used to actually train drivers back then. None of this "Earn Big Bux driving Big only four weeks you too can be a truck driver" (Bill board I saw recently).

I had to go thru a truck driving school.....bout four months. ....then company "Y" had it's own training program. I seem to recall it was a month and a half with and experienced trainer driver (driving team)....back for some classroom "stuff" and another month and a half with another trainer.

Anyway...I was on my first day of my first trip with my first trainer...outa Dallas heading to taxifornia. We went thru San Antonio just a little after dark. I was passing under an overpass and then WHAM!!!

The world exploded it seemed.

I couldn't see....I had "stuff" all over me.

I had to stick my head outa the window to see well enough to steer over to the shoulder of the road.

It seems some kids were having fun. They'd wait on top of an overpass until truck was about to go under then drop a cement block. I got one right in the driver side windsheild. it's a Wonder it didn't come on thru and into my lap. Guess it glanced off the roof of the cab or something.

We called the cops.......about two hours later they actually showed up. The one taking down the info for the report seemed bored.

We finally left...about midnite. Punched a hole in the windshield so we could see a little and wore sunglasses so the wind wouldn't blind us.

At night.

HAD to go....load was "hot". (yeah...right)

Got to El Paso the next morning and got a new windshield....continued on to taxifornia.

So I cringe anytime I go thru San Antonio.

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