Sunday, March 18, 2007

What Americans Don't Like (according to the Media)


The media hates trucks. I'm sensitive to this since trucking is my living. Seriously though...notice in the newspaper or on the tube that whenever trucks are mentioned it's in an unfavorable light? The terms "killer , dangerous, unsafe ....etc" abound in almost any article.

The media is famous for resorting to misleading practices also. I noticed a headline some time ago something to the effect ....."School Bus and Truck collide....two children killed"

Now what would you think? I was expecting a semi of some sort to have collided with a schoolbus and two of the school children were killed. Seems a reasonable expectation from the headline don't you think?

Funny thing though.....after wading thru the article it turns out that a toyota pickup driven by a young teenage girl...with another girl as a passenger....had run up under the rear of a schoolbus stopped at a redlight. The two occupants of the pickup were killed.

The headline was technically accurate...if you qualify a pickup as a truck...but misleading.

The media uses this same technique with it's other dislikes.


The news media currently hates Pit Bulls. Just pay attention to how they're portrayed in any article. Unfavorably I'll wager. Some time ago it was Rottweilers...before that it was Doberman's and before that German Shepards. Bad dogs...all of hear the news media.


I could write about this for some time. Back when I was a kid they hated .357's. If there was any kind of an incident involving a handgun it was portrayed as being a .357.

Years later it was "cop killer bullets". this they ment the teflon coated specialty ammo that would penetrate body armor. I recall one article talking about "cop killer bullets" and it turned out to be something entirely different. But the current mood of the media was such that every bullet was a "cop killer" and there fore bad.

Recently and currently their pet hate is "Assault Weapons".

By that they mean any gun that looks scary.

Oh...and "high capacity magazines"....generally it goes...."why should anyone need more than x number of rounds"...

The War in Iraq.

To hear the media tell it the war in Iraq is a total disaster.

Kinda like Viet Nam. In Viet Nam we whupped em. No battle was lost. Tet was a total disaster...........for the other side. We had it won.........and Walter Cranktite said we'd the politicians thru up their widdle handsies in dismay...and ran.

Which is what is happening now. We've accomplished the objective....the cake is in the oven and baking quiet well...

The media has portrayed it otherwise....and cut n run defeat o crats are quivering in anticipation.

They just caint' surrender.

What else ..........?

Are they trying to feed us? Check out a few items.

Look into Anthropogenic Global Warming.......
The horrible Aides Pandemic that shulda killed us allll....years ago...oh...I forgot..the current boogie man is The Burd Plague. HN51A or sumthin.
Same sex what ever you call it...

Mustn't forget abortion...and how some big number of americans approve.

Makes you wonder?.....Is it the Mainstream News Media? OR is the Opinion Formulation and Mind Manipulation Media?........

hmmmmmmm...a guy in history did that....he had a name for the technique...

The Big Lie he called it.

What was his name? Loring?...Boreing?....Goreing? huh...GORE ing? (nah...must be a coincidence)

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