Sunday, March 18, 2007

Airplane Tug to Alaska

I've been playing around with some new "stuff" today while I'm stopped.

I've downloaded Picassa from google and it's gone thru my harddrive. Pretty neat
it's arranged all the pictures I have on the drive by date.

I've been going thru it and looking. Picassa also has a "Blog This" option.

I'm a gonna post a few pictures of times gone by.

Here's the first one.

This was an Aircraft tug I picked up in Orlando Florida from the manufacturer.... Federal Marine Corporation (FMC) I think it was. It's used to move airplanes around when the planes are powered down. This one is used to move things like 747's. It weighs about eighty thousand pounds. There's some serious metal there.

As I recall it was an interesting run.

I got hasseled repeatedly at the weigh stations in Florida as I was leaving the state. They didn't think that I had enough lights.

Lemme 'splain lucy. I have a LOT of lights. I've got dual strobes on the roof of my truck. LED strobes on each mirror (facing oncoming traffic), and two 3 foot LED strobe bars on my front "moose killer" bumper. In that time I had about six LED strobes on the oversize sign plus more LED strobes in the bumper of the trailer.

Not enough? Nope. Not for Florida. Florida has the requirement for a "360 degree field of view"...what it means is that I had to buy a $38.95 "throwaway" magnetic mount "blinky" and splice it into the wiring on my trailer. It was nowhere NEAR as bright as what I already had....but it met the requirement for "360". That made em happy.

When I got to washington state I got hasseled for "too many lights".

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