Thursday, March 29, 2007

So I woke up around sunup....made a pottacoffee and smoked breakfast (ceegar) and headed out. The weather was nice and I was away from (mostly) big city morons. I didn't hardly get too seriously annoyed by the antics of four wheelers. Amused actually.

I set the cruise and just sorta drifted till I got to a rest area in Alabama just inside the line. Then I stopped and nuked a can of soup and called my destination for directions. Just north of Birmingham , they said, on interstate 59 exit 154......make a left....go over the RR trax and make another left and there they are. Waiting for me. Unexpectedly the trailer will be ready when I get there.

I had been expecting to have to wait a day or so. Good news.

So I did and they did and it was.

Pretty thang isn't it? And talk about STOUT? The flanges on that thang gots to be half inch. And T1 steel to boot. Were talking about some serious load hauling capacity here. They say it's rated at fifty five ton. I think theyre being conservative.....very muchly so. The trailer I sold was rated at fifty ton and this thang is like comparing a mack truck to a toyota.

Notice the tarps, trunks and stuff? That came off my old trailer. I still have some redecorating to do.

I was wondering how the color scheme would work. Color schemata is important. You just can't have a color clash. I embarassing.

Worked out pretty good didn't it?

I got in there around four and I was rolling by five thirty. Pretty effecient.

After that I just drifted toward Georgia. The only annoyance was quiet a few miles of construction on twenty east of Birmingham ...near the georgia line. The speed limit (it is to laff) was fifty five....which I thought was reasonable. Everyone but me was going MUCH faster. And they wonder why wrecks are so frequent?

No wrecks though.....made it thru and got thru Atlanta during "low traffice" conditions. Now I'm at the Yard and "winding down"

Just got off the phone with the wife....her mom's in a coma. Just a matter of hours now....a day or so at the outside. At least she's comfortable.


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