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Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.

Sir Arthur Eddington.  An English astronomer (1882 - 1944)

…......Sir Arthur was unaware of the Metaverse.

a very long time ago, by human standards,  in the Asgard Universe

Chapter 1: In the beginning

It’s all about how you look at things.  It depends upon perspective. For example...from the perspective of a group of ultra high tech, almost god like... hillbillies...

““Pa....sume-a ooff zeem loo rent treeeler tresh frum ecruss zee vey dune-a stule-a sume-a ooff yuoor cheeckens”

(Pa....some of them low rent trailer trash from across the way done stole some of your chickens)

...Frigg told Odin one day.

They were in Valhalla, one of the Aesir’s Special purpose Dyson Sphere’s.  Odin had been amicably chatting and laughing with his son Thor over a meal, something about  Loki, Duva and a goat,   Odin frowned at the disquieting news....

“I theenk zeey dune-a ooferstepped zeeur buoondereees Ma. I theenk it’s teeme-a und pest teeme-a thet ve-a du sumetheeng ebuoot zeem....permunently”

(I think they done overstepped their boundaries Ma.  I think it’s time  and past time that we do something about them....permanently)

 Odin looked to Thor.

Thor took a swig of mead, swallowed and contemplated briefly. Strategy and tactics  going through his head.  He nodded to Odin.

“I’ll Cell oooot zee buys...Ve-a reede-a et devn”
“ I’ll call out the  boys...We ride at dawn”

And so it was that at dawn a small band of warriors led by Odin descended upon the chicken thief encampment .  Thor was in  his chariot with Mjollnir ready at hand.  Odin rode with him carrying the spear gungnir.  The chariot  was pulled by Tanngniost and Tanngrisnir.  

Thus they engaged the enemy and  did Thor  smite the miscreants on the jaw and did break their teeth. In similar fashion  did  Odin wreak terrible havoc among the foe  as did likewise their companions in arms. They did rape, pillage and burn.  They even got the order right.   Such was their fervor that  not one stone of the enemy fortifications was left upon another. The chicken thieves were  destroyed root and branch. Only a very few, led by their clan leader Surt,  escaped.

“Hoo’d it gu Pa? Bork Bork Bork!”
How’d it go Pa?”

Frigg asked when Odin returned. She handed her husband a horn of mead.

“Ve-a vhoopped zeeur ess”
We whupped their ass”

....said Odin draining the horn in one mighty draught.

 “Zeey vun’t be-a steeleeng uny cheeckens frum eruoond here-a egeeen unyteeme-a suun”
They won’t be stealing any chickens from around here again anytime soon.

That …...was one way of looking at it. It might not have happened EXACTLY that way, but close.  Yet seen from another perspective.

The gigantic invading  war crafted floated vigilantly in the gravity dimple.  In other parallel universes there were planets at this corresponding location, in this particular universe there was no planet...only the gravity.  The DreadNaught used it as an anchor.  

Scant time units ago it’s fleet of  raiders had returned with great booty.  The crew were reveling in self congratulation when the alarms sounded.

A huge armada was descending upon them in retaliation for their depredations.  Horrendous engines of destruction were brought to bear, both offensively and defensively..  Inconceivable energies like unto that of supernovae  were unleashed.   The conflict continued until  the  retaliating force  brought into play a doomsday weapon... dirigible planetesimals, and a very great many of them, comprised of strange matter.  This would be the end of the invaders.

No phraseology is sufficient to describe the magnitude nor sheer destruction of the holocaust that ensued.  Such was the titanic forces unleashed that a world from another universe was sucked thru the wormhole entire, like a pumpkin thru a garden hose.  For a brief instant the remnants of the invading fleet  co existed in the same time and place as that of the kidnapped planet...then the planet tried to explode.  Other forces would not have it.  The planet was not allowed to explode nor merely expanded in size then partially collapsed upon itself. Huge cracks appeared and spread...vast morass proliferated across the planet.  Some sections of the planet were miles, tens of miles higher than others.  Titanic plateau’s peppered it’s surface.  Between the plateaus were extreme depths.

The conquerors returned home in satisfaction.  The null point was no longer null. The dimple was now a mound.  In it’s place was a jovian sized mass of incandescent wreckage, rapidly coalescing into a high gravity addition to the gravity stack.

These ruins of the co-mingled galactic invasion fleet and the kidnapped planet was unique.  Fantastically tall mountains and continental sized mesa’s rose to incredible heights above deep valley’s and vast lowlands and immense seas.  The highlands were too tall to exist in nature, Physical science dictated that the mesa’s should collapse since the extreme pressure and forces exceeded the tensile strength of the mother rock.  Yet it did not.  The ultra strong alloys  of the hulls of the invasion fleet were threaded throughout the planetary surface….holding the very continental roots in place.  It had been a very large fleet.

Space time was twisted, broken and otherwise abnormal there....many more planetary portals developed than was normal for any natural planet.  There was serious leakage between worlds.

Due to it’s origin even the flow of time was abnormal.  Time did not pass at the same rate on that poor tortured planet as it did other places….time didn’t march so much as sprint.  While decades passed in other parts of the universe, and in other universes, millenia  or perhaps eons passed there.  The  planet of odd origin came of age quickly by the standards of the rest of the metaverse.  

Over time the accelerated flow of time slowed...and merged with the space time of the rest of the metaverse. Eventually it was one with the rest of creation.

Over time life  appeared.  Where it came from is open to speculation.  Perhaps the life was created and planted by the gods?  Gods , in particular Loki have been known to do stranger things.   Some life, perhaps much life,  no doubt was accidentally , or intentionally, transferred via the gates.  Whatever the case the life adapted.  

Strange life.

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