Monday, September 30, 2013

Yes...I'm Simple.

I admit that.

I'm NOT a complex person.  I take great pleasure from the simplest of things...


a cat.

In my whole life I have NEVER sat still in one spot as much as I have the last two months.  Since the truck caught fire I've basically sat at the computer.  First it was at the motel, for a week, then here at the apartment.

No money.

The cheapest way to get by is NOT to buy, to NOT to NOT go I haven't.  I've got the whole world available via the internet, anyway, and no traffic.  It's  flat rate unlimited usage 24/7 so it  costs me nothing to sit in front of it all day and much of the night.  (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

Plus...I'm writing some.

And learning some.

Like about cats.

Bubba for example.

Bubba is imprinted on me.

I knew that but I didn't know that.  In the truck , the one before the one that burned and the one that burned, he's been living with me since he was a couple of months old or so....

that was then.

this is now

and he will NOT let me get out of his sight.

He doesn't like to be picked up much.

He'll tolerate ME doing anything.  Not that he won't complain...or wiggle and try to get free.  But he has never seriously bit or scratched.  He just doesn't like to be held or touched much.

But he's never far away.  He sleeps under/near the bed at night and follows me from room to room.

I didn't notice that on the truck

I kinda like it.
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