Friday, September 27, 2013

 Is it that Some publications
 insist on having 

Multiple Text Columns:   I suppose that back in the paleolithic age  there was some point in having more than  one column of text on one poor, helpless piece of stone, or parchment, or papyrus.  It was probably an economic thing. Most aggravating and irritating stuff like that alway is.
What I CAN'T see, right now, with my eyeballs, is putting up with it.  We can irritate and inconvenience electrons and force them into pixels in any form, shape or fashion we desire.  Why mess with my eyeballs? I hate it.  It slows me down. I miss stuff when I scan.  I can't scan multiple columns (at speed).  

Hate's it I do.  I avoid places that do that.

Stuff Moving on the Page: I am a Vietnam era veteran, a truck driver and a descendent of hunters.  I'm a BIG FAN of situational awareness.  Whenever something moves it draws my eye.   

What is it?  Drawing on past experiences (in a war zone) is it someone trying to sneak up on me?  Getting in position to aim a weapon?  Is it that damn tiger again that's been wandering all over the bomb dump the last few nights?  Is it another damn snake?  (hundreds of snakes...all lethal).  Is it a swarm of Mosquitos?  (really BIG mosquitoes . Is it the Sarge looking for a 'volunteer'?

When something catches my eye.  I can't NOT look at it.

It makes it almost impossible for me to concentrate, on a webpage or watching TV (which I won't) when they have shit jumping, wiggling, and bouncing all over the place.

I do NOT like windows to resize themselves automagically.

I do NOT like info-balloons to pop up under my cursor when I move it.  It's like walking thru a damn mine-field.  It messes with my productivity.

I don't go, or once I discover what they are doing, STAY on web sites that do that kinda stuff.

A flappy banner is just another way of saying

I'm outa there.

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