Friday, August 28, 2009

How to influence people and make friends. and a crew are working HARD trying to get the trailer put together.

Lemme "splain. "Big" trailers, such as the one I'm pulling, are transported empty in a "stacked" or "broke down" configuration. That means that the Jeep and stinger are stacked on the trailer and tied down. Similar to a load but it's just the trailer. That's why I have such a high empty weight. (61,000 lbs).

Upon arrival at the shipper and before loading the trailer must be "built" or put together. The stinger and jeep must be unchained, set on the ground and attached to the main trailer.

This is time consumeing. It helps to have help, in fact it's just about impossible for one person to do. Forklifts, overhead cranes, sledgehammers, jacks and winches are sometimes useful.

We was doing this.

This guy walked up and started giving directions like it was HIS trailer. He started moving stuff.

It didn't take but just a tiny bit of this to be way TOO much. So I politely told him that I appreciated his attempt at helping (directing, I didn't notice him swing a hammer) but please let me do it. Thankyouverymuch.

He puffed up like a toad frog and said something to the effect that he was in "Special Equipment" (so am I) with Daily, (so am I) and that if dispatch EVER told me to call him to ask for advice regarding how to do stuff NOT to call.

I asked him why in the world would I want to call him.

He said that he'd been doing this for 21 years.

I looked at him and said that since I'd been messing with trucks since the fifties why I'd want to ask a rookie "such as yourself" about how to do stuff?

He left.

Welll...I HAVE been "messing with trucks" since the fifties...

Tonka Toys are trucks.....kinda.
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