Friday, April 24, 2009

Pain in the butt...

It's not particularly heavy....I'm only grossing about a hundred and five thousand.
It's not wide.
It's not tall.

Thank goodness for small favors...

What it is is looooooooooong. The piece is seventy five feet. Bumper to bumper I'm a hundred foot.

Makes it pretty difficult to get around corners.

Coming out of the plant I had to make a hard right turn (WalMart was on the corner...and it was five oclock...heavy heavy traffic.). There were "never to be sufficiently damned" medians all over the place.

I had to turn right from the faaaar left lane...jump curbs...AND have a flagger.

Seriously annoyed a bunchaton of minivan moms.

Now I'm in a rest area...too long to risk trying to get into truckstops.

Gonna be a fun trip. No escorts required till I get to Ohio.

Oh....It's going to Baltimore..
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