Thursday, November 06, 2008

Where to begin...

Things have been happening since the last road post..ungood things. Beyond the election I mean.

Start at the beginning the man said.

Ok. Last week I loaded a Grove 700E Crane going to Salt Lake City Utah. The Crane weigh a touch over ninety thousand pounds and it was a shade difficult to get it to axle out correctly.

Just as I was heading out the gate I got a call from dispatch.

The destination had been changed. I was now going to Jackson Mississippi.

Ok...fine by me.

Going across Interstate 68 in Maryland and West Virginia is tough. Too tough. Somewhere along there I shifted wrong...gassed on it too roughly...or just had bad luck. At any rate shortly after leaving the inbound West Virginia Scales I noticed a noise.

The noise got so bad that I parked it at the NEXT West Virginia Scale that I came too. Luckily not too far.

To make a long story short I'd broken a tooth on the ring gear in my truck's differential. Luckily there was a shop nearby. I mean RIGHT there near by. Not five miles from where I parked. In Freemont WVa. Thompson's Truck and Trailer Repair. Good Guys.

They got me fixed up and I was off having missed only a day.

I got out of WVa before Dark (barely) and headed on across Kentucky.

Upon entering Tennessee I was suprised to discover that I required an escort.


Upon acquireing same I then discovered I BARELY had time to get out of Tenn. before dark.

I managed that but wound up in a little RatHole of a "truck stop" in Senatobia Mississippi. It was all right I guess but I have nothing favorable to say about it. I spent sunday there. Monday I went on down to Jackson and unloaded.

I was informed of loads available in Morton Illinois if I wanted them.

So I came up here.

Yesterday I spent all day seeing to getting the trailer fixed. (It had a boo-boo) and loading.

No permits yet thought. Illinois permit office was closed Tuesday for the Election and I figure they spent all day Wednsday recovering from hang overs.

Today it's raining.

Hopefully I'll get this thing scaled out and rolling toward Texas sometime today.

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