Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trying Something New....again.

Sometime back I got a BlackBerry Curve. I've grown more and more accustomed to it. Unlike the Palm Treo it replaced as my AT&T "backup" phone (Sprint is my primary)

it's easier and more convenient to use. Like the Treo it's a "smart" phone and has several capabilities not found in "ordinary" phones.

For one I can put e-books on it. Which I do. That way I always have something to read.

Also like the Treo I can "remote blog"...with pictures. Except that it's easier than the Treo.

I've got it set up now and intend to do so....frequently.

Pictures with little or no text. (texting on such a tiny keyboard with my thick fingers is forgive the inevitable typing errors)

Stay tuned.

One addittional thought.

I'm a Trucker. Just a RedNeck trying to make a living. Kind of like "Joe the Plumber" whom the DhmiCrats are trying to destroy.

No one special and with no significant amount of knowledged or money. I'm sure any give highschool junior is more technically sophisticated than I am. Just ask them.

That being said if I can use afford, acquire and use this kind of technology then anyone can. ANYONE. Anyone meaning from children in school to old folks in nursing homes.

ANYONE. It's cheap and it's everywhere.

Two things about that.

One is that the Antique Socialist Media are probably NOT happy about it.
Two is that the Political Candidates and other Politicians are equally not happy.

McCain has already proven he's against free speech by his infamous law "McCain-Fiengold". A bipartisan bill supported by both DhmiCrats and Republicans...and signed into law by Bush.

That does NOT bode well for freedom of speech in the US.

The big BO is equally unhappy with free speech as demonstrated by his attacks on both Joe the Plumber and his "Truth Squads" in states like Missouri.

Interesting times.

We have the technology for umbiquitous information flow....and an informed we have the will?
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