Friday, October 24, 2008

The New Beam

Since transferring my lease to the new company back in march I've been pulling a Removable Goose Neck Trailer (RGN) sometimes called a lowboy. Small trailer...just a thirty five ton (load capacity).

Recently I was asked if I'd like to "upgrade" to a beam.

After much fear and trepidation I said ..."er...suuuuure.. I'll give it a spin".

This is my beam.

Notice that there's not much to a beam?

It's got a neck (removable, .....hydraulic even) , wheels and axles like a normal trailer...but in the middle there ain't much.

Just frame rails.....beams.

The piece to be hauled is sat on top of the beams........straddles it.

Makes for an interesting time loading, and unloading.

Different techniques are required. New skillsets are used.

Heavy lumber "dunnage" is moved around.....a lot.

Hopefully tummy fat will remove itself due to all the extra exercise.

Which was kind of the point. (...I'm also thinking of buying stock in Bayer)

Well I delivered ONE...count em folks....ONE load with the baby beam pictured above and I get this telephone call.

"How'd you like to latch onto a serious trailer?" dispatch said.

" talking to ME?" I squeaked.

"Yup"...he said...

"Okaaaaay"....I gulped.

Soooooooooo....tomorrow I swap my baby for a full grown beam.

It's a 2+2. Or can be a "quad". What that means is it has four axles and the axles can be configured in a couple of different ways.

Heavy too. (empty weight for me and the baby was only 44 thousand.....I'm skeered of what the big boy will weigh....probably fifty or more)

Able to carry HEAVIER freight though.

Stay tuned.
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