Friday, October 10, 2008

I haven't posted in a while....

......dunno why.

Last week I came home. I'd been out for four months. Believe me when I say that I had long hair and beard.

Years ago I would get haircuts and beard trims at truck-stop barbershops. For some reason said barbershops tend to run bankers hours. (9-5) ...Seeing as I'm heavy haul I run non stop from sun up to sundown.

What I'm saying is....the barber shop's are NOT open when I'm not running.

.......and....if they (by some chance) ARE open....they do a remarkably horrible job.

Like...why spend X$$$$ on a bad haircut.

So I don't.

My wife cut's my hair when I'm home. (Four months residue was SOME haircut)...but not the worst. When I first met her some many years ago it was, like, four YEARs. (hair down to mid back....and beard....think.....ZZTop.

But I digress...

I came home after four months and I was TIRED. All I wanted to do was ...nothing.

Sleep mostly.

I told dispatch that I was taking a week off .

t was not to be. After a few (not nearly enough) days I got a call....they have this load you see.....

Being as the economy has been thoroughly screwed by the demoncrats I figure "make hay while the sun shines" I took it.

Odd load......Power Only. worked to my advantage. The deal was I bobtail to Okie city and pick yup this tow-away going to Carlsbad NM.

I actually talked my wife into going with me. First time in a year or so.

Purty good trip. I hooked on....checked it out....flagged and ragged....monday morning. By nine in the AM we were rolling....and made it to Post Texas that night.

Little Bar and Grill called BJ's. Good place. Awesome hamburgers.

Spent the night there.....rolled at first light.

Made it into Carlsbad by ten in the AM....dropped and headed to Dad's. (my dad)....had a fine visit and spent the night....went to my boys house. (had a fine visit and spent the night) went to my (ex) father in law's house....had a fine visit and headed on back to Austin.

Good week.

Got home yesterday....really tired but feeling good.

Got a call from dispatch this afternoon.

They want me to swap trailers. They want me to pull a "beam".

I've been expecting this. Actually I kind of welcome it. It'll give me a chance to get back into shape. (loose the beer gut maybe?) plus....(big, big, reallly big plus) there's a whole lot of beam freight out there...

So .....I'm a gonna....

Monday will see me in Okie City again dropping my RGN and hooking to a beam.

Interesting times.
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