Wednesday, August 13, 2008

An Inconsiderate (expletive deleted)

Miami is a lovely place. It is NOT however a good place to take a truck. For some reason or another there are no truckstops. Nothing to speak of. You'd think that a city of multimillion inhabitants would have places to park the trucks that take them their food, their clothes, their cars.........their everything except maybe fish.

Nope. The nearest truckstop of any consequenceis Ft. Pierce which is over a hundred miles out.

So that's where I am. At the Flying J at exit 131 on I95 near Ft. Pierce. I pulled in here about three thirty local and, no big suprise, the parking lot is pretty much packed. There are still a few parking spots though.

On the back row. Heaven forbid that some of the Chubby Truckers might actually have to WALK any further than absolutely necessary.

But that's OK. I like the back row. Most of us Heavy Haulers do. There's a bit more room back there.

Most places. Not here. Flying J didn't do a good job of planning this parking lot.

And this guy didn't help any....not at all.

Parked like his is trucks can't get far enough over to "make the swing" to get into the parking spots. What few there are. Interestingly enough "what few there are" are the one's he blocking. That's why they haven't been taken yet. No one can get in because of him.

It's not like his has much to drive. Pretty small actually.

I had a pretty difficult time getting parked. Partly because of the design of the truck stop and partly because of him. When I finally succeeded I found that I was a bit out of sorts and mildly annoyed. More than mildly to be honest.

So....armed with my trusty camera I took those pictures.

And who would it be that showed up?

Him.....the man himself.

Isn't he a fine speciman of a trucker?

He asked me what I was doing and I told him....and I told him why. I even went so far as to draw "word picture" of the problems he was causing.

Didn't help.

He said some unkind words.

And left.

Key word is left. He's not there any more.

Too bad. So sad.

Several other truckers watched the exchange.

I was applauded when I walked back to the truck.

It probably didn't do any good in the long run though. The way the parking lot, like I said, is designed is just tooooo tempting for a lazy trucker to park along the curb instead of parking in a space.

When the spaces are all gone......well it's a given that they'll park there.

Oh well....
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