Friday, August 15, 2008

Bad Day

Well, it didn't work out.

The load I mean. Yesterday the customer said to call at about eleven so we did.

It wasn't ready.

Then he said to call around three so we did.

It wasn't ready.

So he said it'd for sure be ready about call about four thirty.

So we did.

It wasn't ready.

I suspect that they'd been playing me along all along. The menaaana syndrome.

Too bad. We're charging them for "truck ordered not used" as well as all the permits ordered for the load. It's gonna cost them about a thousand dollars.

I'm outa there.

I'm back in Ft. Pierce heading toward North Carolina. There will eventually be an escavator out of Kernersville to haul. Better pay.

Eventually. But it beats sitting in the heat, damp and skeeters paying ten dollars for hamburgers and four dollars a gallon for gasoline to run my generator/AC.
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