Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why do companies.......... such things to themselves?

I'm in the market for a new truck. I'm always in the market for a better communication plan. I'm generally in the market for "stuff".

So I go to......say..........the phone company. Lucky I have hi-speed. If not it would take FOREVER to load their website. what. It's loaded but ALL that's loaded is........Fluff. Drivel. Check their rate plan? is to laugh.

Trucks are no better. Go to Kenworth, International, Volvo. Fluff. High Bandwidth Fluff. The data equivalent of sugar. No WAY I can learn anything of substance from the websites. Oh sure...they talk about trucks....they just about dislocate their shoulders by patting themselves on the back about how great they are. Some thing about J.P.Powers and Yadda yadda. (how can EVERY manufacture be "best"? I thought "best" was an exclusive.)

Amazing. Marketing departments have taken the best thing since sliced bread........and turned it into fluff.
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