Thursday, January 31, 2008

Who would have thunk it................


According to the American Spectator.

"Because John McCain disdains the conservative movement. Because he has a temper so volcanic that Democrats could easily bait him into a "Howard Dean moment" in the fall that ruins his campaign and hands a landslide to either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Because McCain has run an entirely dishonorable, mendacious primary campaign so far. Because, from a conservative standpoint, McCain is bad on border security, bad on taxes, bad on judges, bad on respect for the letter of the Constitution, bad on respecting those who disagree with him, bad on energy exploration, bad on free-market economics, and absolutely horrendous in his zealous support for excessive regulation. He hearkens back not to Ronald Reagan's principles but, quite openly, to Teddy Roosevelt's -- and the truth is that TR was a big-government interventionist with an authoritarian streak and an out-of-control ego. Just like McCain is today."

I knew that about McNasty....but Teddy?

The inventor of the Teddy Bear? I'm shocked!!!
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