Sunday, January 20, 2008

A special place in Hell

shall be reserved for TV script writers...

Ok. I loathe TV. I purely hate it. It's a waste of time to watch. It rots your makes people STUPID. Almost ANYTHING is a better us of one's time than watching TV....anything.

YET....against my better judgment... sometime ago my wife "coaxed" me into watching the series CSI Miami. (There are also segments dealing with Las Vegas and New York.)

She just about dragged me into the TV room. I put up a good fight but it was no luse. I was kicking and screaming.....leaving clawmarks in the no avail. She was determined. She set me down on the couch...gave me a beer and said.

"You like high techie stuff?...Watch THIS....and besides Horatio is cool".

So I did. Had to. She swatted me evertime I got up. But she supplied me with beer so I didn't fight TOO hard.

And truth be told I got so I kind of liked it. Neat Geeky, Techie stuff. Lots of low cut blouses too, which was a bonus.

But last night they ruined it.

A class TWO (one hundred and forty miles per hour winds they said...) hurricane picked up an already expended bullet from a "windknocked over" container (which is in a back yard shooting range in downtown miami..behind a woman's house)....throws the bullet thru a glass window.....thru the woman's neck..(killing her)..and burries itself in the wall.


This is just sooooooo wrong on soooo many levels.

I feel betrayed.

I hate TV.

I was almost beginning to ENJOY CSI.

hint. for those of you who are mathemagically challenged.

According to CSI the "class two hurricane had winds of 140 mph
........actually it's a called a Category Two Hurricane which has Winds from 96-110

So it should be a Cat 3 at least....not two.

Leaving aside the improbability of wind picking up a bullet and then instantly accelerating it to a speed high enough to penetrate a window glass, a human neck, and embedding it self at waist high level in a wall....what about speeds?

Well....140 mph is only 205 foot per second.

A 9mm pistol round (which is what this might have been) has a muzzle velocity in excess of a thousand foot per second.

See what I'm getting at?

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