Monday, December 03, 2007

Train wrack an ruin...

I KNEW it was too good to be true.

That last load I mean. It went perfect. Load and go....unload. No Perspiration.

This load didn't. I'm paying for my previous good fortune. Murphy never sleeps and he always gets even.

Shortly before I unloaded the Silo (previous load) I got word that there was a train wreck in Louisana

Derailed train closes U.S. 80
Evacuation removes 60 people from their homes
Emily Nelson, Reporter

CHOUDRANT — At least 60 Lincoln Parish residents were forced to evacuate from their homes early this morning when a Kansas City Southern train derailed near the Lincoln/Ouachita parish line.

Lincoln Parish Sheriff Mike Stone said the train was headed westbound when it derailed around 4 a.m. just east of Sims Road in Lincoln Parish. Several of the train’s cars left the track, including five tank cars carrying the hazardous material butadiene, commonly known as butane, Stone said.

So when I get unloaded I head to Louisana.

While driving along I see where Texas D.O.T. is (are?) installing a wire rope fence down the median. I talked to a state troopie once about that and he said it was a federal mandate. All four laned interstate needed it by such and such or Big Brother would cut off the non compliant state's supply of all day suckers....or something.

I didn't really pay much attention. Another government scam (yawn...what else is new?)

Waste of time and money. As you can see from the pictures wire rope on those tiny, flimsy little sticks ain't near enough. What we need here is a WALL. Four wheelers are just too stupid to take the hint that a fence presents.

And we're getting one many places. It's the only way to be sure. So anyway...I continued on to the train wreck.

What happened was this.

I got to the wreck site. Then had to wait...and wait...and wait.

By the time I got loaded it was pressing on toward dark. It get's dark around there at about five thirty and here it was three already. So I'm loaded but not tied down yet.

I'd never tied down an upsided down coal car before and this deserved some thought.

Didn't get time to think. Hurry, hurry, hurry. I was pushed.

I HATE to be pushed. Every time I get pushed with a big load I run a big risk. Two times previous I'd had major equipment problems due to being pushed.

This was the third time.

To make the story short. We got loaded and rushed outa there. We were playing it by ear regarding route and permit restrictions. We were guessing. The first truck was about five foot shorter than me and was in the lead.

I followed him.

He and the escort made a turn. I was seriously concerned because his trailer "jumped" a rather extreme ditch getting onto the "get-on" ramp getting onto the interstate.

He made it though and it was my turn.

I didn't make it. I got hung up. When I put the power to it I snapped two axle shafts.

Due to the peculiar configuration of my truck I managed to limp on down the road till I got to a Truckstop with a large enough parking lot to get into....where I spent the night.

Next morning another truck came and hooked onto my trailer and delivered the load....I called a mechanic.

The truck which delivered my load returned and left my trailer with me.

The mechanic showed up and rather thoroughly examined the truck.'s broke. Need's to come to the shop. We called a wrecker....he cleaned up and left.

The wrecker got there an hour or so later....then had trouble hooking up cause of my bumper. Then didn't realize that I wanted the trailer brought along....then was AGHAST to realize that he needed some axel nuts (which the mechanic had taken) in order to (technical talk here) in order to leave.

So we called the mechanic back....oopsie the mechanic said.....I'll be right back.

So I $100 an hour wrecker fee.

The mechanic showed up....we hooked up....and left.

Got to where we were going to leave the trailer....and the wrecker broke.

"Dropped a yoke" the wrecker driver said.

I'm wondering about eggs and what they have to do with anything.....while we're sitting's almost dark and starting to rain....another wrecker is on the way.
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