Wednesday, December 05, 2007

To Continue.........

I'd called the beautiful bride and she was on the way.....

The other wrecker showed up driven by the owner of the wrecker company. He was NOT a happy camper. It seems that his wrecker had been breaking a LOT lately. He blamed his driver. I blame his equipment. To haul Iron you need Iron as the saying goes. Well he has tin foil. He needs a stouter truck.

So....we dropped my trailer. He hooked up to the wrecker I was hooked up to. I got in MY truck. I wasn't about to ride with a grump. And awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay we go.

Picture this. I'm sitting in my truck, the front end is about four foot off the ground....being towed by a truck being towed by a truck. Going down a country the dark....Faaaaaaaaast.

It seemed fast. All I could see was flashing lights in front of me and blurs beside me.

And I'm thinking...."people pay money to be scared like this". Then I'm thinking...."Duh....I AM paying money....a LOT".

But I got there alive.

The (two) wrecker drivers unhooked me and left.

There I am....all alone. In the dark.

Lucky for me....and I mean REALLY REALLY lucky...the beautiful bride is on the way.

She'd called earlier and kept me informed as to her whereabouts. I'd not have too long to wait.

So here she comes thru the dark. We're in touch via cell phones. She screeches to a stop throwing gravel all over and we immediately transfer "stuff" from my truck to the lady-mobile. Then off we go in search of a motel.

In Bossier City....thirty miles from where the wrecker dropped me.

First off we find a place to eat. We knew of one such place from times's called "country kitchen" or some such. It's got good food. We ate there and enquired as to the whereabouts of a motel in the area. They told us and we went there.

Bad move.

I purely hate to talk to someone thru a little bitty hole in a plastic wall. They had one. I didn't play pretty. We went away.

Second motel...same little hole. We didn't even get out of the car.!! Motel sixteen or sumpthin....

Third motel....La Quinta Inn....that means "across the street from Denny's" in English. There was no little bitty hole to talk thru. We were treated like cost a little more I guess (I never enquired about what the price was at the other places) but we were treated like people instead of potential mass murderers.

So....we hit the sack.

Next day we called the mechanic....nope...not fixed yet.

The day went by.

The nite went by....oh my...whatever can we find to do? We managed.

Next day the mechanic called....all fixed.

Away we went to get the truck.

Fairly expensive but cheaper than any other option....we load up and the Beautiful Bride follows me back to Bossier City to a truck stop we know.

Bad move. Change in management I guess. It's turning into a Rat Hole.

We left there and went to a Casino. Harrah's it's called. Biiiiiig parking lot. We played penny slots for a good while then left the truck and went to DiamondJacks and rented a rooms.

Biiiiiiiiiiiig room with a Jacuzzi.

Oh my....what ever shall we do?

We managed.

We also played some penny slots there too.

Had day the beautiful bride headed back to texas after taking me back to the truck.

I sat there. There's a load waiting for me in Mobile...but it loads when?

That little detail keeps changeing.

Latest word is Monday.

I moved....right now I'm near Tallulah La. I might move tomorrow. I'm hopeing for a short haul prior to the long haul.

I can use the money.
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