Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Houston....we have a problem.

I sat at the house till Monday. Relaxed....drank beer....stuff like that. It was nasty outside so there wasn't much point in doing much else.

Come Monday it was time to look for work so the Beautiful Bride and I both got to busy..two phones...two computers. I had intended to go to Laredo like my friend Gary did. It seems there's a lot of stuff coming across the border and the "company" had recently cleaned house down there.

Some corrupt folks had been fired and new folks had been hired and like that.

So...let's see how un-corrupt and competent the new folks are. I called (had called actually....several times including over the weekend while I was "relaxing") to see what was up.

"See" they said. " Mui Buncho Freight"....(they talk funny down there....don't say anything though....they're sensitive)

So I asked them if there was any for me and they said they'd get back with me....I gave 'em my telephone number.

And waited.

After a few hours I called back.....and essentially went thru the same routine.

I did that several times and finally gave up and called Houston about a load they had on the (internet) load board.

To my immense surprise and amazement I actually got the load. THAT was a first. Every other time I've ever called Houston there was always a gotcha. Usually the load was gone. Not this time. Maybe they've had some housecleaning too?

So I got up about three the next day and headed out. I pulled onto the dock about ten after spending a lovely interlude in the shipping office at the port.

Naturally I had to wait. Not bad....only about six hours.

When they finally brought the load out it looked a little funny. The load sheet I had said that the dimensions were Length 38.04 ft. Height 13.00 ft. width 8.07 ft. and weight 22158 lbs.

This wasn't it.

I asked the dock foreman to make sure I was getting the right piece. He said sure and took off on his golf cart. After a bit he came back and said that that was the only one....must be it. I called dispatch to make sure and they said go ahead.

So I told them to load it.

When It was on the trailer I realized I had a problem. For the rest of the story go Here

So I got loaded and chained down and I'm outa there.

I left out this morning in the rain. It's been raining almost all day.

Lots of other oversize moving though....

For reason's known only to dear ole Texas Permits they routed me down the back roads. I continually met, and was passed by other oversizeds
I bet the folks in all those little towns have a sweet spot in their hearts for the fine people in Texas Over Size Permits..
Probably gonna send Christmas cards...

So I toodled right on down the highway.

I had a bit of a scare turning off of Texas 81 onto Farm To Market Road 67 north of Hillsboro. Other than the fact that it was a Weight Rated road and I was overweight for it. I had a "get out of jail free card" don't you see. A permit that is. A license to ...well I was allowed to be there.

Never could figure out why folks in "authority" thought it was ok to break laws...or direct other people to do so. Something about "command mentality" I suppose.

At any rate it was a really, really tight turn. Back and Fill a few times and the trailer STILL got in the ditch a little. Good thing it was a shallow ditch. Good thing I was light. (probably sixty thousand gross).

But I made it.

Another problem was that I was nosing up to the Tarrant county line.....and it was almost four oclock. Tarrant county has an oversize curfew that starts at 3:30 pm. ...and they mean it.

Particularly in the rain I would imagine.

So I was desperately looking for a place to park. Luckily I juusssst managed to fit into a space at the travel plaza (nope...not a truck stop...a traaaaaaaaavle plaza) in Alvarado.

So there I sit....till about 9 am tomorrow and then it's on to Okie Land.

The escort I'm going to need in Oklahoma has already called. Poor guy. No power at his house...he had to use his cell phone. The cell phone didn't work inside his house too well so he had to go outside to talk. It was COLD outside. He lives in Tulsa. They just had an ICE STORM.

Global Warming dontcha know.
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