Thursday, December 27, 2007

Anger............. the system.

In NOVEMBER my wife received a notice that our/her health insurance premiums were going up and an offer to change plans such that the deductible would increase so that the premium would remain the same.

She tried to comply.....


From listening to her explain what she's had to go thru and is currently going thru I would not want to buy ANYTHING from those people....much less health insurance. They can't get anything right. The word stupid just doesn't seem strong enough.

Serves us right for going with a small little know company. I think it's called Blue something....

Blue Shield?...Blue Cross?....dunno....I leave all that up to her.

So I tried to write a letter to my congress critter. Lamar Alexander I think. Better I should have gone outside and talked to the squirrels. He has some kind of email filter that is convinced that I'm not in his district. So no joy there.

........If i could push a red button.........

And they wonder why the polls show such low approval ratings? Ask me....I can TELL them why .........

I'm starting to wonder if the democrats don't have something after all. Their idea about health insurance wouldn't be any better..worse actually.....but the people that are causing ME trouble right now would be inconvenienced....and that would be a good thing.

No...I have a better idea. Suddenly Ron Paul is much more interesting than before. It occurs to me that certain segments of our "system" are terrified by him.

THAT would be a good thing.

Yeah...since Thompson is loosing steam I think Paul is the way to go.

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