Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rant: about tiny phones...

Ok. I'm Moderately rested up...starting to get a little antsy....ready to stir up some trouble.

Here at the house we just did an electronics shuffle. It seems we go do this fairly often. I got rid of a cell phone and got another one....and a pda.

I have a "thing" about cell phones....pda's and what not. I love em and I hate em.

One day I'm gonna find an "ideal" that works well. Right now I'm looking.....and looking and looking.

Cell phones are an absolute must in my business. Any trucker who does not have one is putting himself at a horrible disadvantage. In this business "you loose"..that also applies to "getting the word". If you have to deal with increasingly hard to find "land lines"....well you loose.

So a cell phone is a must.

The problem is that they don't seem to make cell phones to operate in the real world any more. They seem to be made for children. Technokiddies. "it's so simple that only a child can understand it". Also tiny.

I admit to being odd and unusual....but I see little need for most of the "features" on today's cell phones. Why do I need SMS,MMS,MP-3, wallpaper, themes and a camera?

Isn't it a phone?

And they are soooo small. I have man-sized hands. I'm not a midget (neither am I overly large for a Texan)...but I almost have to grow a long fingernail and then sharpen it to be able to dial on most cell phones. My finger tips typically cover two or more buttons at once.

And the sound....much like a mouse squeaking in the next room. What ever happened to VOLUME? I drive a's noisy. Hello?

They insist on having screens on cell-phones. What a waste. You can't see them in full sunlight.....BARELY even able to see them at all due to their small size...and most of today's flip phones have two small and the other tiny.

I won't even talk about fragility except to say they are....very

But I get by....barely. I'm not a happy camper by any stretch.

In fact....I'm such a NOT happy camper that I could get behind a class action lawsuite against cell phone manufactures...or service providers...or both.

What law suite? Well several years ago such notables as the mayor of chicago and others were in the news regarding a lawsuite against fire arms manufactures. The idea was that guns were involved in the death of ...oh...say 5,000 people a year in the US. The firearms manufactures made these evil weapons of destruction so they should be held responsible for the deaths.

Ok...using that logic there are about 52,000 automobile accidents a year in the US. Of which cell phones have been implicated in a huge portion...much greater than that of alcohol.

I thinks it's because the cell phones are so UN-ergonomic. They're hard to use and therefore take up an inordinate amount of a persons attention. ...which should be used for driving. Being small doesn't help.

So....let's sue the cell phone makers cause they're causing fatal car wrecks.

Yeah....I know it's stupid. But it makes about as much sense as anything else politicians do.
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