Sunday, October 07, 2007

The week that was.

Now that I've slept a little I can review what happened this last week.

What we're trying to do is pretty simple really. We're assisting in the rebuilding of the Tappen Zee Bridge which goes across the Hudson River. Since there is way too much traffic on the bridge to shut it down while the construction is being done...why....we do it while traffic is flowing...sorta.

Kinda like doing a valve job on an engine with the engine running.

The trucking part goes like this.

Weeks or a month or so ago "bridge panels" had been trucked in from another location to our "crane yard"

Every day except weekends several (at least four) of these panels are moved to "exit 14" which is just up the road from the Bridge.

Every night except weekends four of those panels are moved to the JobSite on the bridge. Then the bridge sections being replaced are moved to a demolition yard.

Rinse...repeat the next day.

I think I mentioned all this....not sure.

It's all conceptually simple. The devil is in the details.

The last night that we worked there were three trailers that broke. Luckily it was all "landing gear" and we were able to "work around" it. Mostly.

One "junk section" was left at the site. The trailer broke in such a way as to be immovable....Dunno how that's gonna play out tomorrow.

Other minor problems lights for example. Old trailers....the wireing is shot...all the time calling "fleet service" to fix stuff.

No proper place to attach chains to the trailers. (some) Trailers. Not ENOUGH places to attach. The lightweight trailers aren't designed to handle heavy duty chains. We MUST use heavy duty chains due to the weight...Things like that.

New York D.O.T is taking notice. Two guys got fined last week.

Interesting times.

Also...not enough "trucks"....some guys (me too...once....never again) are working way tooooooo many hours.

Last Monday, the first day, I hauled a section at night...then came back to exit fourteen and attempted to sleep. Didn't manage more than about four hours...

That night, Tuesday, I hauled a section...then went back to the crane yard and hauled a section to exit fourteen..(Wednesday day)..then got an hour or two nap.....then hauled a section at night....and got an hour...maybe three of sleep.

That night (Thursday)....I hauled a section then got an hour ....maybe three of sleep.

Friday night (as mentioned earlier) I hauled a section....then quit for the weekend.

During the week I'm "stressed" to "be" to "do" something at a certain time. Can't relax. Also it's hot in the daytime and I can't idle for air conditioning.(new york anti idle law) It's a case of breaking the law or being safe...choose one. It's a case of breaking the law or getting the job done...choose one.

So by the time saturday morning rolled around I was "stupid" tired.

Other guys were worse.

I found a spot in New Jersey (no anti idle law) and went to bed...I didn't wake up for twenty hours.

All better now.
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