Monday, October 01, 2007

I'm sure getting tired of the mood swings..........

The last word I heard Thursday from "slick Rick" the dispatcher was that
we (all the trucks involved in this Project) were
to meet here in the Gravel Pit today (that's Monday) at about eleven or so.

I was feeling fairly "up" about the situation. Confident in that
perhaps "they" had it together and it was gonna be OK. Things were
going to work.

Well it's almost two. Me and one other truck are here. No one else.

My old feelings of foreboding have resurfaced. I've checked with the
other driver. He was of the same opinion.

I called Rick. After being put on hold for quiet some time he comes on
the line.

These guys have "I apologize" down real well. I suppose they do it
quiet a lot.

It turns out that the guy who is going to meet in the Gravel gonna leave (there) "Real Soon Now".

It's about two....maybe three...hours away.

Rush hour begins shortly. New York City / Newark rush hour. I always
enjoyed Rush Hour Traffic. What's the challenge otherwise? It's
starting to look like
Rain too....adds more of a challenge doesn't it? It's also getting dark

They have thousands of dollars in the latest communications devices.
Telephones, computers, faxes, high speed internet, in their office. I
have thousands of dollars in the latest
communications devices. Telephones, computers, wireless internet. in
my truck. Does this, maybe, suggest something here?

Would it have been too much trouble to pick up a phone and call? Or
maybe answer one of the e-mails we sent?

Before I talked to Rick....actually what prompted me TO call Rick....I
got a call from a gal who said she was the
NorthEast Safety Coordinator. Did I have a hard hat and an orange vest.

I'm afraid I was just a teeny bit sarcastic. I seem to recall some
months back helping another driver with a trailer that broke. It was
I seem to recall having that issue a LOT. Much too much load on to
small a trailer. Or a trailer loaded wrong.

And here we are waiting....until Rush Hour....and it's gonna rain.

When we could have had all this done hours...if not days....ago.

And they tell me to wear a hard hat.

Safety....What a concept.

Eight days since I came out here and we haven't moved a load yet.

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