Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Doing it again..........

We left a little bit early tonight. Lucky me I was the lead truck.

I got it up to maybe fifty between exit fourteen and the Bridge. At the Bridge the l Escort Boss said five MPH. ( I dunno how many escorts I have. Two per truck plus out riders....and the Boss...and two highway patrol)I went five mph across the bridge. Really. I have no trouble going slow. Particularly at night with a wide load.

I don't LIKE doing this at night. The good thing about the bad thing is I have plenty of help.

So we got across the Bridge, did our U-turn thing and parked at a coned off area across from the East Bound toll booths. Probably be an hour or so.

There was a delay at the toll booths. They wanted money. And the permit wasn't quiet right. I guess it was the wrong color of ink or something. The toll lady called her supervisor and the supervisor checked it. It was OK. I got apologized to again.

I have sooooo many permits I don't even bother to keep track any more. When someone wants one I just hand them a bundle. Let em sort it out their ownselves.

The guy with the toll-pass didn't show. I'm sure I'll get apologized to again tomorrow. After the first few apologies they tend to loose value. It's a credibility thing you know?

So I'm waiting.

Can't take a nap....or read. Kind of like being a sentry. Most boringist job in the Military....until it's panic city. This is kinda like that. There's low-level "paying attention" and high level PAYING ATTENTION . Sometimes there's high pucker factor panic alert level. (rarely thank goodness)

So we wait.
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