Monday, September 17, 2007

Unloaded the Condensor section

It's done.

Glad to see it go also. I don't LIKE to be that heavy, not without more axles anyway.

It wasn't much of a problem getting there either. I only had to cut thru one parking lot to make a turn. Luckily it was early...before sunup almost...and there was no one at the business whose parking lot I misappropriated. was a liquor they have probably seen a lot worse.

About as soon as we got it there I rolled on thru the gate and the beautiful bride headed for the hacienda.

I got it all unloaded.

Now it's time to get the truck ready to go....
I got it Stacked....

Packed......Racked.....Flipped....And clipped....Whew! Getting ready to go after unloading any flatbed is a job. With HeavyHaul it's more of a job.
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