Monday, September 10, 2007

The trip back to Tulsa ....

............was OK.

Of course there were a few little problems. This guy was going to fast, in the rain, and run off in the ditch.

Here are the ruts left by someone else who was going too fast in the rain and ran off in the ditch.

Of course there's always construction....traffic down to one lane...

........and someone behind me.... tail-gateing....wanting to go too fast....

....all I had to do was tap the brakes and he'd have been dead. When a mouse runs into an elephant it's not the elephant that gets bruised. I wonder if he knew I had my foot on his to speak?

I wonder if he's had children yet? It'd be a shame to think that he's passed on his "stupid" genes.

I we need more chlorine in the gene pool?
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