Monday, September 24, 2007

On the way to New York

Illinois. Kinda looks like Kansas but it's not. Yes Dorothy they have wheat fields in Illinois.

Eastern Illinois

Welcome to Ohio. It's hard to see but there's a wrecked motorcycle just the otherside of that white pickup. A green dodge pickup came off the "get on" ramp and crossed two lanes immediately to get into the fast lane........not seeing the motorcycle...or not caring. The green dodge sideswiped the motorcycle and drove him into the median.

Pretty good motorcycle rider. He held it up for quite a ways before he laid it down. Tore up the sickle pretty bad. Busted his ankle. I stopped to help but there were so many otheres there shortly that I saw I wasn't doing any good and I left.

If I owned a green dodge pickup in Ohio near the Indiana border I'd sell it. That scooter rider was NOT happy.....and all bikers have friends....and some of them can be NASTY.

Couple of blades...BIG windmills.


Welcome to Pennsylvania

Better later on

Welcome to New Jersey.

There was a three car pile up....stuck in traffic for hours.

Finally rolling.

At the stageing area in New Jersey.....getting everything set up.

Probably start work tonight....or tomorrow night....dunno
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