Wednesday, September 26, 2007

If you don't have time enough to do it right the first time..... come you think you're going to have time to fix it later?

I've always wondered that.

It always seemed to me a pretty simple answer. You won't. What will happen is a cascade effect moderated by Murphy.

Remember Murphy? .........or rather the law attributed to him.

"Anything that CAN go wrong....WILL go the WORST possible moment."

And variations on that theme.

Well I got woke up this morning by Mr. Murphy.

The General Contractor guy hammered on my door. He was excited. When he gets excited the NorthEast accent (Bronx maybe?) I didn't really understand what he was saying but he was exercised. Lots of handwaving.

So...I got dressed and pulled the truck around to see what was up.

Or down rather.

It seems they loaded the trailer we spent all day yesterday getting ment to say "repaired".

Trailer broke.

Nothing critical for all their upsettedness. People who run junk equipment see it happen all the time. The landing gear collapsed is all. No reason to be upset.

You get upset when you're going down the highway and the trailer breaks. Then you get upset. Especially if someone sees it break or if someone?

But that can't happen to us....naw....that only happens to the other guy.

Like dispatch says...."It'll be with it"


Anyway the trailer broke.

Not much....really. That bolt pulled thru ...see the space?

No big deal. I backed under it...(the trailer)...and moved it over out of the way. Then set it down on blocks.

It seems to me that this type of landing gear is too lightweight anyway.

I suspect that when that bolt gave way it had maybe forty or fifty thousand pounds pressure on the gear. I don't think quarter inch metal....heavy sheet metal good at handling that kind of weight.

But I'm just a driver.

It'll be alright.


This is where the trailer was...back up cozy with the crane.

Pretty big crane.Oh well....just another day in paradise.

Rumor has it that "in-charge" guys from the bought-out trucking company(now...representative of the company I'm leased too) are going to be in a meeting ...about right now actually....with the General Contractor of the project...the New York Department of Transportation and The New York ThruWay Authority . All differences will be resolved. All complaints and grievances will be addressed. Peace and harmony will result. Eternal love will prevail.


After that "our guys" are gonna come on over here ...have a meeting with the drivers...and tell us how they sold us ...I mean....they'll tell us about the great deal we're getting and how it's going to be so wonderful.

I can hardly wait.

Going on two weeks now without a paycheck.

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