Friday, August 03, 2007

I'm home...

......for a little bit. 'bout a day.

Thursday was a good day. I left out of Florida and got all the way to the Texas line.

I don't know how many times I've gone across I-10 in the SouthEast...many, many times...and I always get a kick out of it.

At Mobile they route me around the tunnel. I dunno why but I suppose they don't want an oversize sharing the tunnel going under the bay with the rest of the we take the scenic route.

At exit 27 westbound on ten we turn north and shortly approach this bridge.

click on any image to enlarge

Looking off the bridge....

On the Bridge...

Then down, around, and back onto ten again.

Across Mississippi and Louisiana.

Crossing Louisiana on ten there's another bridge. Many, many bridges actually...but this one in particular is unusual. It's the Alfalfa Bridge I call it.

The Ragin Cajun gets annoyed when I call it that. But I tell him us normal people can't pronounce it's real name. That hasn't satisfied him yet...probably never will.

He says that because I'm from texas and talk so slow that I'd probably take all day to say it. Hmmmm...dunno....he might have a point.

At any's a neat bridge. It's about twenty miles long across a swamp.

In times past morons have caused folks problems.....death even. In an effort to avoid those problems....and deaths...the authorities have seen fit to impose certain Rules.

That's pretty blury but it says "Speed Limit 60/Trucks 55.

Ok...Let's follow the rules and see what happens.

Right Hand Lane....Double Nickle.

Pretty law abiding huh?

Still...don't judge em too harshly.

Maybe they can't read?
Maybe American isn't their native tounge?
Maybe they spent to much time playing video games at the last truckstop....and now theyre in a hurry.
Maybe they overslept...

I take that back...yeah...judge em pretty harshly.

I toodled on and, after a hundred mile detour in Louisana thru the woods...I got to the La/Tx line. Only about a hundred miles from the customer. I would have gone on in closer while there was still daylight but I was right up against acurfew AND a detour for Vinton/Beaumont.

So I shut it down early. Good thing I did...that detour was a bi..... er.....bummer.

But I got it there.

And dispatch called.

They want me to do another wind mill tower section.

From Galveston Tx. to Grover Colorado.

My trailer won't work. So....

I dropped it at the Houston yard....I'm bobtail now. Sunday I boot/scoot to Tulsa to pick up an appropriate trailer.

Oh well....bobtail and deadhead get's good fuel economy...relatively speaking...and theyre paying me to do it.

And most importantly I get a day off at the house.