Sunday, July 29, 2007

Unloading In Norfolk Virgina

The folks in Georgia used a real crane to load my crate.

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The folks here in Virginia are gonna unload it with a forklift on Steroids?
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Well yeah....but there are problems.

It seems that a certain amount of care was not observed.


Lots of head and butt scratching later.

Plus the use of two (more) forklifts...all the while casting nervous glances in my
direction....I don't think they really liked the way I was taking pictures.

Many, many pictures....only a few of which I've posted here.

It finally got off loaded.

At about 3:00pm . We'd arrived at 9:30 a.m. Pretty shabby.

So I hastily packed, racked and stacked. Me and the escort we're gonna have to scoot boots to get outa Norfolk by Curfew.

We made it.....barely. No...we cheated....No... we made I didn't get caught.

I dropped the escort back where I'd picked him up that morning. He was happy. He got a "round-trip" plus pay for waiting. Not a bad day.

I'm outa THERE too.

So here it is sunday night and I'm right back where I was last sunday night.

Waiting to drift on over to the Kabelco plant and pick up an excavator.

Scott...the agent...has over twenty excavators coming out of the plant that have... GOT to be outa there by dark Tuesday night. This is end-of-the-month-cleanup at the plant. All designated on hand inventory has got to go.

24 of the little ones going overseas any the port in Savanah. mission....which I choose to to ferry as many baby 'vators from Calhoun to the Yard as I can by Tuesday dark. Then ferry them to the Port in Savanah by Friday dark.

I expect to get two or three.


News flash.

Scott says to hang in there (the truckstop) until about ten or eleven tomorrow. He expects there to be an excavator coming up that's worth using my rig on. One weighing seventy to ninety thousand pounds.....and going way-far....not just down the road. He seems to think that putting a baby 'vator on my trailer is silly.........also.

I can do nothing but agree...specially since the increase in linehaul is NOT a linear function of weight and miles.'s actually somewhat asympthropic.

'Scuse me. I've been reading Alternate History Science Fiction while I was eating supper....some of the language has rubbed off.

What that above sentence means is that heavier not only pays pays a LOT better.

So I wait till ten or eleven and see. If nothing big surfaces then I haul a baby... or several. Gonna have a chance to sleep late....awwwwwwww.
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