Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Back in El Paso...the continuing saga.

Tuesday I rolled into El Paso.

NOT without some consideration of going somewhere else first. I had to get the truck fixed and there were a limited number of places that could do it. It pretty much had to be a Kenworth dealership since it was Kenworth Parts that was busted.

The wife had called around. A "nice young man" at the El Passo dealership said..."yup...we have the parts in stock".

Hmmmm...that's unusual. But hey...that'd save some time.

So I rolled on into El Paso Tuesday. have the parts. Can order here tomorrow.

I guess....well never mind what I guess. It's pretty nasty. make a long, pitiful story short....I'm in a motel room...the truck is in the shop....and the trailer is in ANOTHER shop....they all fixed tomorrow.

Oh yeah....I had to take a random drug test today too.

Go Figure.

I hate Murphy.
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