Monday, April 16, 2007

The tragedy in Virgina today.

I realize I started this blog off as sort of a day journal ....and
that's basicly what it's gonna remain.

Except when it's now.

I blame the Democrats.

It seems that others agree.

The second amendment of the Constitution clearly states that "the right
of Citizens to own and bear Arms shall not be infringed".

It's been lawyered by victim disarmament fascists to mean who knows what.

Which reminds me of something Abe Lincoln is supposed to have said.

He was asked by a newspaper reporter.

"Mr Lincoln...if you were to call a dog's tail a many leg's
would a dog have?"

Lincoln is reputed to have said..." doesn't matter what you
call it...a tail's still a tail"

I guess they didn't have a lot to talk about back then...cause that
sounds pretty stupid. About like something
John Edwards or Hillary would say. But the point I'm trying to get at
is the second amendment SAYS what it says.

No matter how lawyers try to say other wise.

Taking that at face value then the second amendment implies that each
individual citizen is responsible for his or her own self
defense. NOT the cops...not the FBI....not the marines....but each
individual. Call the cops afterwards maybe.To clean up
the mess...and fill out paperwork.

Had the second amendment been adhered to in spirit ...then some of those
students would have been armed.

Shortly after the killer began his would have ended.

The same logic applies to 911. Shortly after it began it would have crash into the World Trade Center.

The democrats caused schools to be "gun free zones". This applies
certainly to elementary and secondary schools....I'm not at
all sure it applies to colleges though I suspect so.

"Gun Free Zones" is code for "DisArmed Victims Zones"....or in other
words....a hunting preserve.

Otherwise explain how come so many times this has happened? Theyre
magnets that draw psycopaths...they know
no one can stop them in time.

Had the teachers been armed...had the students been armed....shoot...had
the JANITOR's been armed....

IT would have ended shortly after it began..

NOT....several uninterupted hours of pleasure shooting later.

I blame the Democrats.


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