Wednesday, April 18, 2007

In Yuma

Yuma Colorado that is.

We left Orla in good weather...and toodled right along.

The Changes made to the route helped out...for a while. Then the
weather went into the toliet.

Tornado weather.

I was born in this country. It is and was called Tornado alley.
Tornadic activity is cyclic...multidecadenal I think.
It seems that there'll be a few years with almost no
activity.....increasing to a few years of LOTS of activity then back
to very little. Well this year is one of the Lots....I think

I got a message from my Daughter in Law stating that she and her girl
friend has sat out on the front porch of the house....
Munching on popcorn no doubt....and taken a video of two or three
tornadoes doing a squaredance (ballet maybe?) in a field a
few miles away.

I'm "in the area".....and sure enough....we saw a tornado.

Not much of one. But it just had to make it's presence
first off it showered the area for miles around in hail.
I drove thru multiple spots of pea sized hail. That kinda hail on
asphalt is kinda like BB's on cement. Try walking on
that sometime. Driveing on it is similar. So I didn't.

I'd pull over on the shoulder....wait it some more.....repeat.

Notice the ice on the ground next to my truck?....hail stones.

Not a good way to make very good time.

Also there was rain and plenty of wind to keep our attention....with the
tornado's tail
dipping in and out of sight from the clouds. It was a coy tornado I
think....or maybe just shy.

Eventually the tornado got bored and left...and we continued on.

Not without a parting shot from the Texas Permit Department though.
Rather than direct us down a wide, smooth fourlane....we were
detoured down a twisty, bumpy, narrow twolane.

That ate up the time.

This is the onliest time we seen the interstate....passing OVER it on a bridge.

We had originally planned to get thru Oklahoma that day, and had
scheduled a chase car to meet us at the line. Oklahoma's rules are
different than that of Texas so we required two escorts thru Oklahoma.
Due to weather delay we couldn't make it in time so we
rescheduled the escort for the next morning. We parked in Texoma.

Due to scheduleing confilicts the addittional escort didn't arrive until
almost Eleven this morning.

It seems that Oklahoma Permits have been confering with Texas Permits
'cause the routh thru oklahoma
was about thirty percent longer than necessary AND right thru the middle
of Guymon. Several many hard turns....
in traffic. .....slowed us down considerably.

Long story short. Were in Yuma Colorado now. Kansas was no
problem....had a nice tail wind.

Still windy. Thunderstorms likely tonight. Maybe windy tomorrow...

Only a hundred and eighty miles to go tomorrow and well be there....only
one city to go thru.

And I learnt somethin about the internet tonight.

Or maybe it's about wireless.

Pipes and their diameter.

E-mail and a program I use called "Weather Watcher" connect directly to
the internet without using a browser.

These two programs work.....apparently they use a small pipe.

My browser...FireFox....must use a larger pipe. It doesn't work. So I
won't surf the internet tonight.... instead I'll finish re- reading
"One Jump Ahead" by Mark Van Name again...then find something else to
read. I have about two hundred novels on my laptop so maybe I can.

Tomorrow before dawn were outa here...


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