Monday, April 16, 2007

At Bergin (the tower maker)

I pulled thru the door that guy is walking toward. They got an overhead crane in there. We used it to reposition the cradle on the trailer. From travel empty position to travel loaded position.

So I done that and pulled out here in the yard.

This is the crane that'll load me. I guess they don't have a piece quiet ready yet cause DieterThis guy....the chief engineer....he told me to find a spot and wait.

Wait. You know?....they never said nuthing about the sheer amount of waiting that goes on.

Lot's of drivers can't handle it...and they go on to something else.

I like it. I'm basicly lazy. So I'll set back and smoke ceegars and drink coffe and read and what all. A few hours is no big deal.

And take pictures....There I am snuggled up next to a mid section...... below is a look at the yard....several tubes in one stage of completion or another.
I snuck into the fab shop. These tubes are in the early stages of fabrication.

Nothing hi-tech about this place. Standard machinery that's been in use for decades if not a century. Various chain hoists...cranes....welders....cutters....heavy presses and rollers. I suspect that Rosie The Riveter who worked on Liberty Ships in WWII wouldn't have been a bit mystified by what's happening here.

Moving a top section around.

Oh escort just got back from a ceegar run. "You fly and I'll buy" kinda deal. I got some Phillie Titans....

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