Monday, March 19, 2007

Unloaded...closed up...

........the chains and "stuff" is all stowed and I'm heading back.

While heading back to the truck stop I was thinking.....about how trucking has changed in just the last few years.

Less than five years ago I'd be waiting two to three weeks to get paid on this load I just delivered. Now?....I'm already paid. In fact the money was in my bank before I even left the delivery point. How's that possible?

Well...I have this "air card" for my laptop (two of know how I am about belt and suspenders...if one won't connect the other might...Cingular and Sprint)..when I get the Bill of Lading signed by the receiver I immediately get in the truck and scan it with my little $75 (cheaper now) 3 in 1 Printer/Scanner/Copier. Then I attach that scanned file to an email and shoot it off to the company I'm leased too.

Depending upon who the customer is (credit rating maybe?) I either get paid quick or really really quick....hardly ever less than a day or two. In this case I was paid before I even got all my chains gathered up.

Likewise I'm already dispatched on my next load. Got a load sheet and everything.

Aint Technology wonderful? Right now I'm gonna check out some Old Tech.

Ham n Eggs.

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