Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lamar Colorado

I just rolled into Lamar Colorado and the phone rang. Actually it didn't ring. It's a cell phone.. naturally.., and cell phones don't hardly ring any more. Nowadays cell phones music...vibrate...chirp....just about anything except ring. But we still say "The phone is ringing"...why's that I wonder?

Anyway the phone rang and then it answered itself. (Important safety feature I mentioned before.....hands STAY on the wheel don'tcha know?)

It was the Ragin Cajun. Well he dont rage much anymore....usuallly......But I remember onec't where

Gettin off track here. He IS a that much is true. So we talked for a while. He's just now getting back into the United States. He's in Ely Nevada with a wide, tall load. He picked it up in California (a whole nother WORLD when it comes to heavy haul). He said he was inspected twice by DOT while in California. SuperLoads (which in Taxifornia he is...) need Hiway Patrol escorts . They have this burning need to generate paper work so they'll inspect a truck given any opportunity. Job security I guess.

It seems two of the four trucks that went in to load up didn't pass the initial (level 1) inspection. Major ooops there. Trailiers failed....COMPANY trailers....really major ooopsie since there is a current "culture of safety" being promoted by the company. Egg on face and all that. Heads will roll I imagine...or at least a butt chewing. (back when I was a Sargent in the Air Force I never did like to chew butt....I didn't like the taste...but I guess some folks do since the do it so much... different folks/different strokes)

So he told the tale and we chatted a bit....I threatened to mention him in this Blog.

heh heh....wasn't a threat.

Now I'm gonna go in an eat....more later.

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